About David

David Alssema (born May 25, 1979) is an Australian coach and motivational trainer. He is becoming well known through the outward approach to increasing human performance within businesses. He has developed human performance methods which are in use today in different industries. Using past experience he has developed performance strategies that have been used in training and self development courses. He now provides training and information on these strategies through his training organisation- Paramount Training and Development.

Personal life

David John Alssema was born in Fremantle, Western Australia. He was raised in Western Australia and he attended Safety Bay High School. His father died of Leukemia when he was at age ten, and he was bullied for several years through his high school years which contributed to social/behaviour problems. After receiving some coaching and professional help he then decided to modify, change and create a new successful behaviour. He started studying personal development, human behaviour and communication skills from the age of 18 finding ways to increase positive communication and performance in behaviour.

As a result of study David became a top performer in many industries gaining awards for sales and performance.  David developed Paramount Training and Development to provide the same performance techniques to workplaces across Australia.

Career and Ideas

David Alssema started his training career with companies such as Telstra and Optus Communications, and then started developing Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) within training courses. Paramount Training & Development now provides training nation wide to companies in different industries.

David has achieved a number of awards and is known for exceptional coaching and colourful training in across Australia. With his eccentric and positive personality he has shown many how to create a new way of thinking through the use of new and existing behavioural techniques.

David’s expertise covers information from behaviour modification, social skills, body language, personality change, motivation, creative thinking and confidence. David has been able to identify what people do when they are at their peak and helps others copy those strategies to create the same successful outcomes.

David now contributes to media articles, magazines, news stories and Radio programs across Australia. He also oversees Paramount Training and Development which is a leader in workplace training.


David Alssema also provides self help seminars for the public. The course identifies attitudes, behaviours, self talk, and personality problems and offers solutions to the current issues. This seminar called Xpress-One enables people to establish a new mindset and new opportunities.


Public Appearances/ Promotion

  • 2008 Advice on 92.9FM about Bullying and Social Problems within schools.
  • 2009 Channel 9 Job Hubs Advertorial: Paramount Training & Development
  • 2010 April Published interview in the ATN Magazine (Specialist interview on Anger Management in the Workplace) 4 pages
  • 2010 July 24th Saturday The West Australian: Interviewed on the body language of the Prime Minister Julia Gillard and opposition leader Tony Abbott. Full Page Article.
  • 2010 December SEA FM Interview with Duncan “Beauty & The Geek Contestant” on body language and flirting signals.
  • 2011 April The Australian (Body Language Expert David Alssema Interview)
  • 2011 May ABC Radio Interview
  • 2011 Cleo Magazine What does your profile picture indicate
  • 2011 June CEO Magazine “The Body Language of a Leader” interview pages 16-18
  • 2011 June Cosmopolitan Page 25 “Get a room already!” Body language info
  • 2011 Good Health Magazine ” What does your body language reveal?”
  • 2011 FHM Talks to the human lie detector
  • 2011 2UE Comments on President Obama and Julia Gillard visit to Australia